So you’ve a business idea, that’s nice but numerous others just did same! On a daily basis, people get business ideas but most of these ideas perish and are “lost”. Only few of good ideas get implemented and end up as profitable in the market place. Reason; most people (probably including you) usually abandon their business ideas because implementing business ideas would take too much of their time, energy and finance to follow through to completion. 

Here are a few of your options  

  • You can hope that you will eventually have enough time to research and implement your business idea. 
  • You imagine that you will can meet up with the mental and physical energy required to start and run a business profitably. 
  • You wish to overcome the common challenge of raising the required capital to start business and eventual running cost of business operations. Sunkanmi Vaughan has personally worked with over 100 prospective and budding entrepreneurs.He is also an accomplished professional who has succeeded in both private and corporate consultancy. 


For more on Sunkanmi, click on Author’s Profile. Sunkanmi helps individuals in the following ways; 

1. PRIVATE COACHING: Get personal coaching from business strategy expert Sunkanmi Vaughan. Register your account to book private consultation sessions and receive bonus newsletters. For details on on One-hour consultation on phone, click here ONE-HOUR CONSULTATION. Got questions about how to start and run your business profitably. Sunkanmi Vaughan offers a one-hour consulting session by phone for prospective and budding entrepreneurs at any level. Call +2348036671836 now! Sunkanmi Vaughan answers! You will be surprised by how many ideas and insights Sunkanmi can provide in ust one hour. Numerous entrepreneurs have received his help on critical issues such as;  

  •  How to develop business ideas 
  •  When to develop business ideas. 
  •  Researching business ideas. 
  •  Protecting your business concepts and ideas. 
  •  Business operations challenges 
  •  Recruitment and training of employees. 
  •  Funding your business idea. 
  •  Choosing the best method of funding business. 
  •  Contacts of credible fund providers and business loan consultancy 
  •  Business marketing skills 
  •  Customer care 
  •  Business idea choice analysis. 
  •  Price negotiation 


Don’t keep your questions to yourself. Schedule a one-hour “You ask…Sunkanmi amswers!” telephone session with Sunkanmi today for #5,000. In return, you will get ideas that will help you create abundant wealth and prevent loss arising from poor decision. 

Send SMS to 08036671836 to book a consultation session today. When sunkanmi receives confirmation of your payment into GTB account number **********, he will send you a reply by SMS stating the available times to schedule a phone call within 48 hours of receiving payment. With #5,000,you will purchase individual one-hour consultation session with Sunkanmi Vaughan. 

2. CUSTOMISED CONSULTING: Request Sunkanmi for customized business expert advisory support.He has helped numerous individuals and organizations overcome challenges of business startup and challenges.He can be engaged for speaking and training events.

3. INSTRUCTIONAL PRODUCTS: For details about Sunkanmi’s top-notch books,business idea choice analysis and audio book. These materials worth much more than their affordable prizes and can be yours in few minutes if you download the mobile application available in all mobile application stores and run all mobile phones operating software platforms or will be brought to your doorstep in few days if you place your order today! 

4. ONE-HOUR ANSWER SESSION: Got questions about how to start and run your business profitably? Sunkanmi offers a one-hour consulting session by phone for prospective and budding entrepreneurs. Just ask..Sunkanmi answers! It’s that simple.

5. NEW BOOK: Sunkanmi’s new book “1000+ practical business ideas and directory of money sources” is available in both audio and hard copy. You can order online and in major bookstores. Click here to get an overview and make a purchase.

6. FREE RESOURCES: Click here for Sunkanmi’s collection of free resources. 


Sunkanmi Vaughan has a proven track record of helping corporate organizations improve their operations and overcome challenges threatening their business survival. In the past 6 months, he had helped an international educational institution make over 5000% raise in purchase of their students enrollment application form earning for the organization a substantial extra revenue in the process. 

He helped a stagnant middle-level business organization become a major reference point. He also helped an establishment agency benefit from an effective inventory control and quality affordable work force capacity training. Sunkanmi is a consultant who helps employees and organization work together in sync to achieve exponential turnover, he achieves this by training employees and consulting with organization’s management on business strategy. 

He has years of experience and a diverse array of options, including;  

  •  Business development along value-chain. 
  •  Pre -retirement training of employees on entrepreneurship prior to release of gratuity/pension. 
  •  Networking platform with business-support service providers. 
  •  Business plan manuscript assessment from a marketing perspective. 
  •  Trainning organizations on new business promotion technique. 
  •  Social media strategies for organizations. 
  •  Work force training on organization’s business model and employee role in achieving profit. 



For more information on these services and related services, contact Sunkanmi Vaughan today! 



Despite the economy, people are still giving money for non-profit organizations that they respect. Funding is still available to Non-Governmental organizations(NGO) and charities that produce valuable results. New tools and ideas are now available to help reach more people with less effort. 

Sunkanmi can show you how to start and position your NGO to grow, regardless of the economy. His business strategy expertise will help you. 

  •  Increase funding through donation,product sales and grant support. 
  •  Tell a compelling story that raises more awareness with the public. 
  •  Increase online and offline media exposure and credibility. 
  •  Access new,untapped audiences with your brand of service. 


How can we help? We’ll help you; 

  •  Improve your brand to clarify why the public should support your cause and charity. 
  •  Provide a working model for effective quality control of operations. 
  •  Create appropriate marketing techniques. 
  •  Train your key leaders in effective public-speaking skills. 
  •  Perform a need assessment and conduct research to identify strengths and growth opportunities. 



Request Sunkanmi Vaughan to help you start and run an effective charity/NGO organization today! Call +2348036671836

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