Born into waste yet they refuse that their lives come to waste”

I read the above quotation from “Dharavi’s Diary” calling for a global action in the development of India’s largest slum-Dharavi; a community that thrives by recycling millions of wastes from all over the world into profits.

The “Dharavi’s Diary” writer saw a slum yet could discover and grab the opportunity for development and production of life-impacting documentary film.

Like the writer of “Dharavi’s Diary”, Bill Gates, the famous founder of Microsoft, in his book, “The Road Ahead”, stated that that “seeing the large Computers made by IBM, he knew it would be difficult to carry such large computers around, consequently,there is tremendous opportunity for the personal computer industry”.It’s such “eyes for opportunity” in the challenge of moving large computers around for use despite the significant relevance of computers that is the single most significant business opportunity that made Bill Gates one of the leading lights in the global PC industry and help him retain his top echelon position of the nouveau rich on the Forbes List year after year!

I grew up learning of the account of a tourist who had once visited a community where people walk barefoot and that single “picture” led that tourist to start a footwear industry in that community. In 2014, the assumed lack of opportunity isn’t as a result of the dearth of opportunity but largely because most of us have been busy doing “Oversight”.The Oxford Advanced Dictionary, 6th edition aptly defined ‘Oversight’ as ‘the fact of making a mistake because you failed to do something or notice something’.

You may have missed on great tremendous business opportunity in 2014 because you made the mistake of ‘oversight’ and very valuable opportunity passed you by.

The focus of this write up is to explain to you how to get opportunities this year,the reason why you permitted opportunities to escape your attention and assist you understand that opportunities in 2015, like past years, will come in different forms, colors and location.

 Let’s start with forms.

 I will like you to take your mind back to the default image of the Devil as a fiery-looking horn bearing figure. This artist’s impression of the devil isn’t in tune with how the devil operates in reality. The devil knows that except he appears attractive and successfully elegant, it would be difficult to attract the attention of anybody and lure someone from the right focus or path.

I learnt this from my experience from temptations that I have overcome and those temptations I got ensnared in.The ‘irony of the devil’ can also be found in the ‘form’ business opportunities present themselves to you in reality.

Some opportunities in 2015 will come in the form of job loss, disappointments and betrayal, salary reduction, income delay etc and such ‘unpleasant circumstances’ hold the opportunity for you if you have the right understanding.

This may just be what you need to follow that business lead, keep up that major appointment, rekindle strained relationship, read a very valuable book like my”1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources” you have kept on postponing! What if your opportunity comes in the ‘form of complacency’? You must be fully aware that, regardless of your present comfortable status, 2015 will still offer you great opportunities and it’s high time you start thinking howyou can get  legitimate and profitable returns on your idle funds in the bank, properties, wonderful insight and expertise(you can start working on writing a book or organizing training using your superior experience and expertise of a particular field as the main raw material),contacts and tremendous goodwill from people and relationships you have nurtured and invest in.

You must grab all the opportunities that come your way in 2015.

What about colors of business opportunity?

In High School Physics,I was taught that ‘colour is the light reflected by an object perceived by sight’.

To see the different opportunities in 2015, you must raise your level of perception.

 From your relationships (your success depends on the association you keep and the books you read) to your ability to question every information that you get and avoid “forming busy” while opportunities escape you by.

You must appear radiant and radiate the color of confidence in transparent honesty even in little tasks so that you can be given greater opportunities. I will be frequently providing valuable information to do your self-audit as the year rolls out fully.

If you have a product or brand, it’s time to take a second look at your packaging.It must give out colors that catches the eye of your targeted audience. Stop “dulling yourself”!

Finally, location is going to count in 2015.If you are constantly changing your physical, emotional and psychological location before you can decipher opportunities, you are unstable and you need to start preparing your mind that the opportunités in 2015 will be achieved if you are appropriately positioned in your thoughts, words and deeds.

You must resist the temptation of immediate self-gratificatuon and ensure you pursue any ray of opportunity for business and financial growth. You can not do that if you remain the same way you think, act and talked in 2014! If you do so, you will lose a larger picture of the opportunities in 2015.

This year is yours for the taking!Welcome to 2015.



Sunkanmi Vaughan is the author of the authoritative and most comprehensive business opportunity handbook “1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources“.

2015 BUSINESS POP QUIZ: How To Picture And Grab Business Opportunities in 2015?
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