What do the Quakers in British communities and the Jains in India have in common?

Before I answer this question posed above, I will like you to know that this write up ‘ain’t cool’ because it is going against a far more popular statement you have been repeatedly told; “No man can be successful in business unless he’s dishonest!!” thus regarding prosperity in business,(which is a good thing),to be a product of dishonesty(a bad thing).Haba!!

I have consulted for some organizations which had each  witnessed a downturn after a streak of “successes” from embracing such unintelligent business philosophy.What do I usually do anytime I get such consultancy briefs?

I will take you back to the lead question about the Quakers and Jains. Both groups are globally famous and history is kind to them. These two groups are in the minority in their respective nations, as a matter of fact, Jainism, is one of the least popular religions in India (6th position and less than 0.5% of the total Indian population even as recently as 2001) but what both groups lack in population, they made it up in their ‘sterling worth’, timeless renowned reputation of business integrity and for these essential core business value, the Quakers and Jains are the most prosperous people in their nations!!

Frankly, I welcome partners who will join me in creating our own’Quaker/Jain’ dynasty in every community in Nigeria.Organizations currently profiting from dishonest practices will face a disaster very soon unless they  embrace honesty and practice honesty in all their dealings.That’s the gospel truth.

I regularly advice business owners to be slow in making business decisions when they are most desperate. Why? That is the time you’re most vulnerable.

Secondly, recruitment of your employees should be transparent and deliberately tailored to give you a hint of the’moral scale’ of the applicant (a background check will be very helpful) and thirdly,a consistent display of transparency matched with right communication and honest deeds even in paying your tax returns to government.

 Your employees and clients will realize you have a high moral standard and will feel very comfortable to recommend you and your business to people including their inner circle of friends and acquaintances(remember that even the very corrupt people will go outside their circle to get only honest people to handle things they consider highly important and sensitive! ).

Finally, make it a company policy to reward every display of honesty and sanction(including outright dismissal of) any employee who is proven to have acted in a dishonest manner.

This can be tough but if I could be trained in the University of Lagos Pharmacy School to ‘take difficult decisions with accuracy’ and it worked for me when I applied it in business, then you can imbibe the same art of taking difficult business decisions with honest accuracy.According to James Allen, ‘approximate honesty’ is dishonesty in itself.

As you start and run your business today,the chance for success and ultimate survival of your business is directly proportional to the frequent display of honesty by you and your employees today. My poem below is specially dedicated to you in your struggle to deal honestly and to reassure you that honesty in business is doable!

                         Who Pays?

When I am out of cash and I gnash my teeth.

Who pays?

When it’s norm to rip off the mass, yet my 1 litre is 1 litre.

Who pays?

When it’s crime to match words with honest deeds,

Who pays?

When the expert says the risk is high, yet I told the truth.

Who pays?

While truth is on vacation and the top is crowded, yet I’m down and home alone.

Who pays?

When they stack the bribe,I covet not and held my piece and peace.

Who pays?

When I left my home, Sodom and Gomorrah,with nothing,and I never looked back.

Who pays?

When their heart is heavy on my stand that my price is my virtue,

Who pays?

When the times are hard and still I get ‘high’ on truth.

Who pays?

When I lose my sleep and thought my hope is gone.

Who pays?

And for all these troubles,and forever more,

Who pays?

Truth pays.

Sunkanmi Vaughan is the author of the authoritative and most comprehensive business opportunity handbook “1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE 101:What Do The British Quakers And The Jains In India Have In Common?

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