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Wow! Welcome to a brand new year! 2018 is gone but to many, the memory of its ups and downs lingers. Your finances could’ve been better in 2018 if you knew some of these tips I will share with you to enable you create new streams of income and grow your wealth.                                                                                                           


How did you fare in your finances in 2018? Did you seek professional guidance from a wealth-creation expert? Did you set financial goals? If yes, did you meet up with your expectations?


Whatever your responses are to these questions, here’s another opportunity for you in a new year and this is the perfect time to start planning your finances for year 2019.


While some complained of low income throughout the past year,I realized that a lot of people in this category have a poor savings culture and/or not aware of opportunities existing to earn extra income from the Nigerian economy so could not escape the poverty trap. For others, 2018 was a boom but a lot of the earnings were spent on liabilities or lost through phony quick get-rich schemes because these people don’t have knowledge on where to invest and increase the value of their money with zero risk of loss of capital or interest plus capital.


However, there is a unique category of Nigerians who I offered professional advice on wealth creation and investment  in 2018 and they were happy with their returns on investment.


Consequently, while those who spent their money on liabilities or quick get-rich schemes had their wealth diminished, some others ,through guidance and consistent financial discipline, broke away from the poverty trap and had their wealth multiplied.


So how do you invest and increase the value of your money in such a way that whether you are working or not, your wealth will continue to grow without the risk of losing your hard-earned money?


For me, it is using the twin approach of savings and safe profitable investments. I will share some more details on this approach in my concluding part of this write-up.



Bola Vaughan is an experienced Chartered Stockbroker and Managing Director of Vaughan Capital Limited, Lagos.

For  expert advice on wealth creation and investment, reach her directly on 0813 542 0066 or send email to [email protected]


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