It’s another great and promising year!

Good governance is a collective effort and sequel to free democratic elections.
I believe that every nation in the world is as good as the quality of advice at the disposal of its leaders. Frankly,our own nation can’t be an exception.I love a popular Biblical verse that states “as Iron sharpeneth Iron, so does a friend sharpen the countenance of his friend”. The countenance of a successful leader depends on the quality of the advice he gets. Few days ago, the whole world was ‘visibly moved’ when a Barack Obama shed tears live on TV while signing new executive measures against gun control in America. His advisers failed him  when it came to advising him on how to get the US Congress to pass New amendments to Gun control in US.

If you love your leaders and you want them to succeed,you must,as a matter of your civic responsibilities,ensure that your brilliant opinions and advises on how to solve societal challenges are made available to them through all the available channels.For example,you can write directly to their offices,make phone calls-in during live radio and TV programs,write contributions in traditional print and new media,send emails or text messages to their email addresses or phone numbers (if you can get them) etc.

Now you may say “Vaughan, you don’t know these people,they won’t listen to any advice”. What if you give your opinion and they listen?Try first and do a follow up for a start.

I remember when we sent a proposal to a leading federal government-owned intervention bank that provides funds to entrepreneurs. They were shocked at the level of innovation we promised and this prompted their leaders to pursue the different and innovative approach we suggested in the proposal.Whether their effort at ‘copying’ our advice successfully delivered the innovation we promised in our own proposal is another story entirely(your guess is as good as mine) but seeing their feeble attempt,I and my team were glad that our advice through our proposal challenged them to think and do things differently.

Now, if it’s an advice that holds a prospect of business relationship and you’re scared that one dishonest civil service official would steal your idea, then take my advice on how to protect your ideas as written in my book “1000+ Practical Ideas and Directory of Money Sources”.

Finally, you may want to ask me “Vaughan, what advice do you have for our leaders right now?”
My advice to them is to provide a copy of the #1 business opportunity handbook (1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources) to every citizen including you!
And you? What advice do you have for our leaders on serious problems on nation building, security, employment creation, combating illiteracy,poverty,ignorance and corruption?
In this hazy mist of fading hope, don’t fret or faint,you will succeed if you avoid further procrastination to contribute your opinions to achieving a safe and prosperous nation.

Start, grow and profitably run your business and this year will bear you it’s goodies.

Sunkanmi Vaughan is the host of ‘Bizlifelines With Sunkanmi Vaughan’ on radio and author of the most comprehensive business opportunity handbook;  ‘1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources’

How To Guide Leaders Right in 2016

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