3. The third category of people are those who are in the habit of frequently borrowing instead of cutting their cost or/and increasing their income from other streams of income in order to meet their cost of economic survival. If you need practical business ideas, get a copy of Sunkanmi Vaughan‘s ‘1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources’. Interestingly,this idea of frequent borrowing is also applicable to a few businesses with negative cash flow and such businesses and individuals are at the mercy of their lenders who may bring in conditions favorable to them only. If you find yourself frequently borrowing to meet your basic needs,borrowing from friends and family will not help you. This year, you have to find and take opportunities that will empower you financially and take another look at your expenditure, identify the needs and the wants.Focus your expenses only on the minimum quantity and cost of items you can not survive without.Cut costs or/and raise your income.

4. The final category of people are the lazy,indolent and impatient persons. Unlike hardworking,diligent and resourceful people,they always think think that every successful person attained success by borrowing,so in their mind borrowing is not a big deal.These category of people must first overcome their laziness and lack of self discipline at least for a year before considering borrowing from friends and family. If you have such category of individual around you, the best way to help them is not by lending them money. They must first overcome their laziness.

If you are not in any category above,there is a high chance that when you become wealthy and successful, you are less likely to become a ‘bigger borrower’ who is at the mercy of banks and lenders but if you are,this beginning of the new year is the best time to move away from the habits that conditioned you to be a perpetual and chronic debtor.
Borrowing is bad for you if…. – Part 2 by Sunkanmi Vaughan

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