pepper spray
My idea of the use of pepper spray in this write-up is a bit similar to its popular use; legitimate self-defense against physical attack. However, in this case, the attacker is Poverty, specifically poverty of applied wealth-creation knowledge.

The best pepper spray against Poverty is Applied Knowledge of credible wealth creation information + Persistence. And here’s why it’s so.


The first step is acquisition of the right knowledge. This is the first investment you must make to defeat Poverty. This kind of knowledge is acquired by reading books like “1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources” that contain the kind of wealth-creation knowledge you need,followed by diligent understanding of the contents of these books. Where you struggle to understand the knowledge in these books, seek help for clarification from other readers or the author via phone or email. As an author whose book has been translated into different languages, I receive such emails and calls occasionally. You can listen to audio books or wealth creation videos some of which are available for free on YouTube. Attend seminars and training workshops or subscribe to a period of apprenticeship from someone who, like a book, has the knowledge you need to acquire.


The next stage is application of the right knowledge acquired.Most people stop at reading the books,but in life,execution is key. If you don’t apply the knowledge,you stand the risk of losing the knowledge or by the time you make the move, the knowledge has become obsolete. What knowledge did you acquire recently? Apply the knowledge today. I recall the way I applied the knowledge I got on realizing that there’s no comprehensive business opportunity handbook in my country; I went on to write it!

In your case, you can volunteer or provide free service initially to enable you showcase your newly acquired knowledge and if it’s wealth habit formation,start today and gradually you make improvements,like physical fitness exercise, you will get fitter and better with consistency.


This is absolutely necessary. From Warren Buffett to Bill Gates,these men benefited immensely from having mentors. Success always leave a trail and sometimes, the one on one guidance a mentor gives you can make a huge difference when you are starting off or when you or your endeavors are being attacked by Poverty. If you are yet to get a mentor, I can join you in the search for a mentor in your field.


Once you start applying your knowledge, your patience and self discipline will be tested. Some days, you will feel like quitting (I know someone reading this has already called it quits) but if you keep applying the right knowledge that has proven track of success, you are getting better, even if you have not started earning real incomes on your way to success. I recall those days my book was newly published on Google play store and within two years went up to become the No. 1 business book on the global list of top business books in the app store and has remained so till date. Also,I recall seeing the advert of Remita in the newspapers those days of their ‘early beginning’ and kept wondering if their payment solution has a general application but now Remita’s story is different. They are the only revenue collection solution being used by the Federal government. Like Remita of those days, the present realities you are facing are the hurdles you must cross to get to the final stage where your ‘pepper spray’ effectively defeats your attacker; Poverty of applied wealth-creation knowledge.
Get A Pepper Spray Against Poverty Now!

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