7. MARKET PENETRATION: These ladies are very energetic and move briskly as they daily take their products to their customers. They understand their products sales advantage ,yet most of them have little or no formal education.

Bread is categorized as a highly affordable convenience consumable good  and as such these hawkers preempt the consumers will make purchase with deliberation and without much planning or critical thought.

Also, bread can be termed an impulse good, since it does not require special knowledge and effort to purchase.
To be profitable,such a convenience good as bread must be sold in a manner that it puts the bread ‘in our faces’.

To be profitable, such a convenience good as bread must be sold in a manner that it intercepts the biological senses of with the most important product characteristics of bread which are that of freshness, softness and appetite-stimulating milky white  colour of Agege bread.

These hawkers penetrate our localities with a seriousness that eventually result into massive sales as recent data survey confirms that 4 in 10 Nigerians eat bread daily in a population of 170 million (that’s a huge revenue earnings!) with most them patronizing Agege bread vendors.

You can create a similar feat in your business if you adopt similar strategies.

While the announcement of the transformation of Jumoke Orisaguna met most people by surprise, I was least surprised because I know that she has spent time long enough to imbibe these essential ingredients of business success. Whoever would diligently and consistently apply these same success principles will eventually achieve greatness.

Truly, in reality, Jumoke’s success story is another proof that success is the result of preparation and luck. Jumoke prepared for greatness.

Just two weeks after her sign on by a modelling agency,the premium American Cable News Network granted her an interview.
Watch the video of this interview

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JUMOKE ORISAGUNA And The 7 Business Secrets of Agege Bread Hawkers (Series conclusion)

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